Meet The Team - Belinda van Vuuren

Meet The Team - Belinda van Vuuren

This is me, in China


At the moment, I’m a proud granny and mom, I’m also very fortunate to be a daughter to my parents who are both still alive, and a wife to a husband that supports and loves me.

My name is Belinda, I’m 54 years old, I have been living and working abroad since April 2016, and have been in China since February 2017. 

Although I don’t have the body of a 25-year old anymore, I absolutely love my JINI, and as a matter of fact, expand my collection whenever I can. It is super versatile and I love the fact that I can mix and match the colours as well as the styles.  It dries quickly on top of everything else and I feel comfortable wearing it despite not having the best body around, whether I’m on an island or next to the pool.

I’m afraid of war, I’m afraid of having no water to drink, and I’m afraid that I would forget who my loved ones are when I’m very old.  I’m also afraid of maybe being so old that I forget to put on any clothes! 😊

I love the ocean, being on a white beach, listening to the waves and smelling the air.  I love sitting next to a bonfire in the winter, hearing the sounds of owls and wild animals in the distance, while holding a glass of red wine and looking into the eyes of people I love and cherish.

My belief in my Provider, Protector, and Saviour is what holds me together, gives me strength, helps me to remember who and what I am, and my favourite quote is “This too shall pass”.

The top of my bucket list is a four-month holiday in Scotland and Ireland, where I would like to visit all the small villages in the highlands, visit the locals and learn some Scottish and Irish dancing. Some other wishes include a visit to Australia where my one sister lives with her family, and if I had the money, I would buy a luxurious villa on an island and get my kids and their families to live there with us!

I have been an English teacher most of my life, but I’ve also been a manager of a retail store, a secretary to a professor, ballet teacher for many years, and trainer of drum majorette squads at university level.  I have enjoyed each of these thoroughly and they have all contributed to me becoming who I am today.

My motto is to treasure all the beautiful moments that I get to experience, and to be thankful for everything I have and am.  I know that life goes by in a flash, and I want to focus on all the GOOD things and people and influences in my life.  JINI’s creator is one of them, which is why I would love to be part of her team!



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