Realistic Toddler meals for busy moms

Realistic Toddler meals for busy moms
Written by Oni-Lee Machelle Hoon, January 28th 2021
First off, I'm sure every mom has given their little one small portions of their food and I sure as hell hope I'm not the only one with a picky one-year-old. So no, I don't have the time or patience to spend hours behind the stove 3 times a day to prep meals. 
And no, my kids won't settle for quinoa and kale on Pinterest meal plans. 
So my fellow busy moms, here's some fast and easy lunch and dinner ideas. 
Feel free to mix and match with sides or better yet use the sides as snacks.


Seriously. This a life saver! 
It's literally just buttered pasta in tomato juice. Yes, I know. You have to cook it on the stove but small portions cook soooooo much faster! 
Choose any kind of pasta, add some butter, salt and pepper. Pour in tomato juice to make a tasty soup. 
(TIP: Tomato soup also works) 
Just a heads up I don't add too much juice because Johandre' usually gets it everywhere!!!!!!! 


My two boys will eat eggs anywhere, anytime! Scrambled, fried, in an omelet and especially deviled. 
Deviled eggs are another life saver! You can even keep some in the fridge. 
You can even try giving half of a hard boiled egg. Just as easy! 
Scrambling eggs are also quick and easy. I usually use two eggs and add a bit of milk! 
If you're making an omelet try adding spinach, cheese and ham depending on the pickiness level of your toddler of course. Yes, I know the struggle. 


I remember as a kid we loved cut up hot dogs! 
Always cut them up into small pieces because they can be a chocking hazard!! 
(Tip: I also cut them length-wise) 
I serve them with ketchup but heck mustard is healthier, probably why my kids don't want it, lol. 


I don't really need to say much on this one as we all know this is literally another life saver and super cheap! Not exactly healthy snacks but hey, it's filled with proteins! 


Yes. Quick and easy. 
Rip up some deli meat and cheese (Ham, chicken, turkey) and for something extra add some bacon kips.


First off, get some of those little microwavable cups and it only takes a few minutes to get it ready. 
Make sure it cools down for at least a minute or two before they devour it, lol. 
Johandre' only eats half a cup so I save the rest in the fridge for later, just seal it properly. 
Two-year-olds will probably eat the whole cup.


Please tell me it's not just my kids that LIVE on these! 
I use natural peanut butter just to cut down on added sugar but whole grain bread is a "no-go" my kids prefer white bread or they'd starve, lol. 
Please check for peanut allergies at your pediatrician otherwise almond butter is always an option. 


Again, don't forget to cut them up into small bites. 
Add a bit of ketchup or mustard on the side. Johandre' is picky with sauces, where JG wants mayonnaise with EVERYTHING!! 



Flings are living all over our entire floor. Constantly. 
But they love it! 


For some reason my kids love fruit! 
(Don't know where they get it, definitely not me) 
The easiest way to keep fruit is little fruit cups. Also try frozen fruits. 
Put into a bowl with a cover and place inside the fridge in the morning. They will be defrosted by lunch time. 
Well my fellow busy moms. I hope this helps. 
PS. Don't strangle your husband when he "forgets" he needs to help
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