How To Wear

- The broad straps allow various designs so that each woman can find the perfect fit for her body and mood.  The unique designs allows for a One Size Fits All, so you don't have to worry about your Jini not fitting perfectly. Twist, knot or wrap the straps around your body to create different styles as a Top or Bottom.

- You don't have to fit in a JINI, the JINI will fit your body perfectly.

                           -  This makes it the ONLY bikini of its kind.

- JINI's design is special, because it works with your curves.  Instead of having normal straps, the JINI's straps are broad and specifically shaped to provide support and comfort while you soak up the sun and have fun. 

- The JINI bikini has two full pieces of fabric that are stitched together with a double sewing technique using spandex thread, which guarantees that the JINI will be able to stretch, twist and fold to your needs and desires.

- This means you are guaranteed to have a high-quality bikini that won't rip or tear.

- This Bikini also allows you to insert cups if needed.

 - Creating a specific look with your Jini might be a little daring in the beginning - so here's a step by step how-to guide for most of the styles.

 Depending on your body shape and personalities, you'll definitely find the perfect bikini for you!

The Only Bikini You'll Want to Wear!

Your Bikini, Your Way!